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 Social Media Platforms Marketing Tip’s

“Put Your Marketing Platforms On Automated Over-Drive”

Who knows your visions or dreams better than you?

Global Based Ministry introduce two platform applications which can be beneficial to your marketing platforms (SocialOomph & Conversion Pro.)  We utilized both applications to provide us with a dynamic marketing presentations. You can decide to use both or one of these applications, it will enhance your marketing capabilities tremendously.

​Information on this site is adaptable & applicable for businesses also!

Two Crucial Areas a Marketer Must Identify:

1. Identify Your Audience | Market

2. Master It

How to Manage Your Social Media and Networking Platforms:

There are thousands of people marketing on the internet. What is going to make your platform (Needle in a Hay-Stack) in the cyber world different? A person can build the best mouse trap in the world, however, if no one knows about it then it is irrelevant.  These marketing tips will help you draw the audience and pull you out of the hay stack.

If you want to build or enhance your ministry or business online through social media, then take advantage of a powerful System Management Tool.

We are going to show you how to access the vast growing audience and market on the internet today.

​Global Based Ministry would like to introduce what we called “The System”.

 “The System” is a tool we have utilized over the years and has become become a “Well-Greased Engine” to work effectively to put the power and tools of networking marketing in your hands to network and market your ministry, business or creation.

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